anglais et français

thumbnail In the early 90's I was driving through the winding hillsof Lancashire County, England, in search of thevillage, my ancestors called hom...

Vintage jewels popular at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

thumbnail (you can click the picture to get to its descriptive page) Los Angeles - Vintage jewels popular at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Fo...

Brocante et depot ventes

thumbnail Two of the first words I learned in French.Brocante (vintage) is not an easy word to say.When you don't pronounce that guttural air (R)s...

Minyak Rambut Pomed 1 -Rita Classic

Dulu, saya mengenal sejenis "minyak" rambut padat (biasa disebut pomed ) lewat bapak saya. Habis mandi bapak memakai minyak jenis...

Minyak Rambut Pomed 2-Rita Classic

Portfolio des Pastels

thumbnail Maybe I should have named this Vendredi Visuals.I wanted to share with you some typical Country Frenchrooms decorated in white and pastel co...

HOF diamond chandelier to light up Emmy night

North Hollywood, Calif.—A Hearts On Fire (HOF)-designed chandelier crafted of more than 3,300 perfectly cut diamonds and worth an estimated ...

la ligne invisible

thumbnail Several years after leaving my corporate job to pursue my passion, I was taking part in a survey. I came across the question...How do you sp...

Art Deco jewelry, an investment?

thumbnail LONDON (Reuters) -Vintage jewels gain popularity as investments. Art Deco pearl necklace with diamond closure € 3,250 Platinum Art Deco jade...

Fall Premier Show Sneak Peek..

Fall Premier Show '08 016 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques . Look what's in store for you this weekend! Our garden room i...

Ormolulu - Debi Burton

Fall Premier Show '08 014 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

Jeff & Julie Brough

Fall Premier Show '08 015 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

Saltbox Sampler - Linda Davis

Fall Premier Show '08 010 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

Bella Shabby - Joe & Sue

Fall Premier Show '08 004 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

Tickled Pink - Isabel & Lisa

Fall Premier Show '08 002 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

Old Mexico

Fall Premier Show '08 001 , originally uploaded by monticelloantiques .

The Art of Blirik 1 : NEW STOCK

"Blirik", terminologi nan unik dari masyarakat lokal tentang suatu jenis perabotan dengan motif tertentu. Penyebutan blirik sebel...

The Art of Blirik 2 : Teko Blirik NEW STOCK

Keterangan : Sedia Stok baru khususnya Teko Blirik (besar/kecil) .

The Art of Blirik 3 : Rantang Blirik

Cote Sud Décoratrice

thumbnail I would like to introduce you to the most famousdecorator in the South of France.Meet Madame "Déesse du Soleil".You've probabl...

Details de Charme

thumbnail Meet my friend Romeo, the rock pigeon.He lives in France and hangs out on the roofnext door, right outside my bedroom window.I awaken to his...

Kursi Kuno Model Becak (SUDAH TERJUAL)

DIJUAL KURSI KUNO MODEL BECAK (SUDAH TERJUAL) 1 set kursi kuno yang berasal dari Jawa Tengah berbentuk unik seperti Becak. Terbuat dari Kay...

Dandangan kota Kudus, dimuat di Kompas Edisi Jumat 12 Sept 2008

Ekonomi Rakyat Dandangan Khas Kudus Setiap Jelang Ramadhan Kompas, Jumat, 12 September 2008 | 03:00 WIB Bila Yogyakarta punya S...

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Gerabah Lempung Dkk

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Gasing dkk

Dandangan kota Kudus : Barongan

Dandangan kota Kudus : Kapal-kapalan

Dandangan kota Kudus : Wayang Karton 1

Dandangan kota Kudus : Wayang Karton 2

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