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anglais et français

In the early 90's I was driving through the winding hillsof Lancashire County, England, in search of thevillage, my ancestors called home. Traveling thepastoral landscape, I understood why they choseKentucky for their new home, in America. There is a remarkable resemblance betweenthe two landscapes.A twenty minute drive east of Louisville, youfind yourself surrounded by rolling acres ofpastures

Vintage jewels popular at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Platinum Edwardian diamond pendant in garland style with pear shape diamond

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Los Angeles - Vintage jewels popular at the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

For nominees and presenters attending the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, classic diamond looks, including simple studs, drop earrings and stacked diamond bangles, were the big winners of the night.

Attendees gravitated towards the understated vintage and antique jewelry pieces. That's not to say however that the show lacked in glamour. On the contrary, television's biggest stars radiated a taste of Old Hollywood elegance.

Vintage diamond pieces put in a major showing at the event, with Kyra Sedgwick and Glenn Close sporting 1920s and '30s pieces, and old mine- and cushion-cut diamonds seemed to sparkle on everyone from Holly Hunter to Mary-Louise Parker.

The stars of both the silver and the smaller screen know that nothing pronounces refined taste and subdued elegance quite like a piece of antique jewelry. Dress like a movie star and gain an aura of individuality and confidence.

From the many pieces in our ever changing collection, we have picked the one pictured above to draw to your attention.

Brocante et depot ventes

Two of the first words I learned in French.Brocante (vintage) is not an easy word to say.When you don't pronounce that guttural air (R)sound, the French have not a clue what your talking about. More than once, I've gotten blankstares from the locals when asking where Icould find brocante shops.Photo courtesy Art et DecorationThe Depot Vente (similar to our consignment shops), sell used product.

Minyak Rambut Pomed 1 -Rita Classic

Dulu, saya mengenal sejenis "minyak" rambut padat (biasa disebut pomed) lewat bapak saya. Habis mandi bapak memakai minyak jenis ini. Bentuknya yang mirip sabun padat digunakan dengan cara mengoleskan jari ke permukaan pomed ini. Lalu diusap-usapkan jari yang teroles ke rambut. Hasilnya rambut nampak basah namun sedikit kaku. Bagus bagi rambut yang modelnya mirip Roby Sugara atau Roy Marten di era 1970-an.Bisa cocok juga yang rambutnya ala belah pinggirnya Harmoko, mantan Menteri Penerangan di era Orde Baru.

Saya pernah mencobanya untuk ke sekolah. Karena ke sekolah berjalan kaki sekitar 1 kilometer dari rumah dan banyak debu beterbangan, hasilnya rambut saya seperti ada murble-nya. Murble debu namanya. Besoknya saya kapok nggak mau pakai pomed lagi.

Pomed bermerek RITA ini masih diproduksi dan dikemas secara klasik oleh PT Rita Sinar Indah,Surabaya. Dengan gambar wajah wanita londo berambut pirang dengan latar belakang pegunungan salju (entah dimana, mungkin di Belanda sana), minyak rambut yang pernah melegenda di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia siapa nyana diproduksi di kota Buaya.

Minyak Rambut Pomed 2-Rita Classic

Portfolio des Pastels

Maybe I should have named this Vendredi Visuals.I wanted to share with you some typical Country Frenchrooms decorated in white and pastel color schemes.I think you'll like them. I love this Louis XV buffet deux corps (buffet of two bodies).These are great in any room of the house and just a side note here, I happen to have one just like it, only white with hints of a buttery yellow

HOF diamond chandelier to light up Emmy night

North Hollywood, Calif.—A Hearts On Fire (HOF)-designed chandelier crafted of more than 3,300 perfectly cut diamonds and worth an estimated $10 million will illuminate the green room at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards.

Handmade in Boston by a team led by HOF jewelry designer Katherine Rosenberg Pineau, the "Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier" totals more than 1,000 carats.

The three-tiered structure is plated with platinum and has a sleek design consisting of a series of diamond strands illuminated by fiber optics.

"The Hearts On Fire diamond chandelier is the most extravagant, brilliant, glamorous diamond chandelier ever made," Pineau said. "You can't even imagine when it is illuminated how spectacular it is."

The lighting fixture will hang in the center of the 625-square-foot green room, located offstage at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre and accessible only by Emmy nominees and presenters.

Architectural Digest, which has designed the green room for the last seven years, invited HOF to be a part of the space to mark the award shows 60th anniversary, also known as the diamond anniversary.

Following the show, the chandelier will be for sale.

The 60th Primetime Emmy Awards airs on Sept. 21 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Source: NationalJeweler

la ligne invisible

Several years after leaving my corporate job to pursue my passion, I was taking part in a survey. I came across the question...How do you spend your free time? I stared at the question, a big grin came across my face, and I felt my heart lighten. You know, one of those Ahhhh moments.So foreign to me now, to separate my time intocategories.I realized that line, that line we draw to separate

Art Deco jewelry, an investment?

LONDON (Reuters) -Vintage jewels gain popularity as investments.

Art Deco 3-string pearl necklace with diamond closurePlatinum Art Deco jade pendant with diamond decorationPlatinum Art Deco brilliants rubies engagement ring
Art Deco pearl necklace with diamond closure
€ 3,250

Platinum Art Deco jade pendant
€ 1,950

Platinum Art Deco diamond and ruby ring
€ 2,950

In a recent article written by David Brough for Reuters, Mr Brough is lending a helping hand to the antique jewelry trade. Although all help is welcome, we at Adin think that Mr Brough is giving the wrong reasons for buying antique jewelry.

He quotes Carol Woolton, Jewellery Editor of British Vogue, a top fashion and lifestyle magazine "There are a lot of people now with jewels in their safes for a rainy day." And, he further declares: "Rare vintage jewels are increasingly popular investments to protect against rising inflation and economic uncertainty, and Art Deco designs are commanding the most attention from collectors."

It is our opinion however, that one should not buy antique jewelry as an investment but just for the reason that one likes a particular piece of antique jewelry and wants and can spend the required amount of money for it. That, and only that, should be the most important reason to buy jewelry, antique or new.

Wear a piece of vintage jewelry, and you're guaranteed to receive compliments and even more, vintage jewelry gives the wearer an aura of individuality and confidence. The timeless, evocative look of antique and vintage jewelry makes a distinctive addition to every woman's jewelry wardrobe.

We at Adin try to be more than just dealers in antique and vintage jewelry. We try to share our love, passion and knowledge on antique jewelry with many around. It is from this perspective that we will send you in the coming months short impressions of different significant styles from the past centuries. This time we will dive into an era that has not been too long ago: Art Deco

Art Deco jewelry

Elegant drape diamond estate earstudsInteresting white gold Art Deco engagement ring with diamonds and sapphiresLong pendant Art Deco earrings with rose cuts
Elegant drape diamond estate earstuds
€ 1,650

Art Deco ring with diamonds and sapphires
€ 650

Long pendant Art Deco earrings with rose cuts
€ 1,450

Geometrical platinum and diamond Art Deco broochArt Deco big brilliant pendant with chainPlatinum diamonds Art Deco engagement ring
Geometrical platinum Art Deco brooch
€ 2,350

Art Deco big brilliant pendant with chain
€ 1,950

Platinum diamonds Art Deco engagement ring
€ 2,350

The Art Deco style is a very famous and popular art movement that had a lot influence in the world of jewelry. Art Deco was introduced in the 1920s as protest against the Art Nouveau style. Art Deco ended in the 1930s. The style emphasized a very abstract design with geometric patterns and as most favorite colors: black (onyx), blue (sapphire), green (emerald), white (diamond) and red (coral).
The baguette and emerald-cuts, which had been developed in the nineteenth century, where very popular in the 1920s because they blended so much with the geometrical lines of the Art Deco style. Interested in reading more about Art Deco?

We are most proud of our beautiful collection, which contains a large number of Art Deco jewelry in various price ranges, all of them in a very good condition. Adin invites you to take a trip in the 1920's Art Deco movement.

Platinum Art Deco diamonds ladies watchPlatinum Art Deco brooch 11.50 carat diamondsStunning Art Deco diamonds and sapphires line bracelet
Platinum Art Deco diamonds ladies watch
€ 1,650

Platinum Art Deco brooch 11.50 carats
€ 16,000

Stunning Art Deco line bracelet
€ 7,250

Fall Premier Show Sneak Peek..

Look what's in store for you this weekend! Our garden room is in "Fall bloom". We have some great exhibitors with great merchandise! You can lookie today but no touchy till tomorrow! We'll have wine tasting this weekend hosted by "The Hip Chicks do Wine" starting at noon tomorrow. We also have store wide discounts through Sunday.

Don't miss this event!

Ormolulu - Debi Burton

Jeff & Julie Brough

Saltbox Sampler - Linda Davis

Bella Shabby - Joe & Sue

Tickled Pink - Isabel & Lisa

Old Mexico

The Art of Blirik 1 : NEW STOCK

"Blirik", terminologi nan unik dari masyarakat lokal tentang suatu jenis perabotan dengan motif tertentu. Penyebutan blirik sebelumnya berlaku pada binatang seperti : ayam blirik atau kuda blirik (zebra). Blirik maksudnya adalah belang. Rantang blirik, teko blirik, ceret blirik adalah belang. Dimana untuk membedakan perabotan yang motifnya belang dengan yang bermotif dan berbahan lain. Blirik bisa juga sebutan yang telah lama mengakar di masyarakat tentang perabotan yang pernah tren di era 1960-1970-an.

Blirik bisa juga berarti motif. Padahal motif "belang" atau selang-seling dengan warna putih pada permukaan perabotan itu bisa jadi bukan kesengajaan pada saat produk perabotan dibuat. Lihatlah dengan seksama, perabotan blirik, motif bliriknya tidaklah sama. Itu adalah teknik penyelupan sehingga warna blirik "meleleh" saat diangkat dari penyelupan itu.

Dalam perkembangannya blirik bisa juga sebagai cap, merek atau brand. Blirik juga sebuah kemenangan desain pada produk aneka peralatan rumah tangga masa lalu yang hingga menjadi "legend".

Blirik bisa juga menjadi landmark di sebuah tempat di Jakarta. Kabarnya aneka peralatan rumah tangga, dari teko, rantang, mug, sampai baskom dibuat di sebuah pabrik di kawasan Cawang, Jakarta Timur. Singkatnya: Asli Indonesia! Maka kawasan itu dikenal dengan sebutan kawasan Panci. Para penumpang oplet/bus kota saat itu ber teriak " Panci-panci, kiri!" .

Daniel Supriyono

KETERANGAN : NEW STOCK, khususnya teko bliril besar/kecil. Juga sedia mug blirik. Untuk perabotan Blirik atau enamel bisa dipesan. Minimal jumlah pesanan 10 item.

The Art of Blirik 2 : Teko Blirik NEW STOCK

Keterangan : Sedia Stok baru khususnya Teko Blirik (besar/kecil).

The Art of Blirik 3 : Rantang Blirik

Cote Sud Décoratrice

I would like to introduce you to the most famousdecorator in the South of France.Meet Madame "Déesse du Soleil".You've probably seen her work. She's world famous,but really popular in Southern France.She also has a very loyal following, especially this time of year.They are called the Turnesols (sunflowers). They absolutely can't take their eyes off of her. She also hasnumerous fan clubs, coast

Details de Charme

Meet my friend Romeo, the rock pigeon.He lives in France and hangs out on the roofnext door, right outside my bedroom window.I awaken to his coos every morning when in France.I wonder why he prefers the roof over one of those marvelous colombiers (dovecotes) in France.I'll never forget the first time I saw a dovecote built into ahouse in France. How romantic, the thought of having a dovecote

Kursi Kuno Model Becak (SUDAH TERJUAL)

1 set kursi kuno yang berasal dari Jawa Tengah berbentuk unik seperti Becak.
Terbuat dari Kayu Jati dan anyaman Rotan sebagai dudukan dan sandarannya.
1 set lengkap terdiri dari 3 unit kursi single, 1 unit kursi dobel dan 1 unit meja.

Kursi ini sangat unik karena pada kursi dobelnya memiliki laci kecil pada sandaran tangan di kiri dan kanannya.
Untuk melihat gambar yang lebih besar dan jelas,
silahkan klik pada masing- masing gambar yang akan di lihat.

Harga Rp. 2.800.000. (dua juta delapan ratus ribu rupiah)

Keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi:
Dewi Syarah
Lebak Bulus 1 no. 7a Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-7512332, 7699332, 92372251
SMS: 0811.855394

Dandangan kota Kudus, dimuat di Kompas Edisi Jumat 12 Sept 2008

Ekonomi Rakyat
Dandangan Khas Kudus Setiap Jelang Ramadhan

Kompas, Jumat, 12 September 2008 | 03:00 WIB

Bila Yogyakarta punya Sekatenan dan Semarang dengan Dugderan, kota Kudus punya Dandangan. Wujudnya adalah pasar malam dari kawasan Menara Kudus melintasi Jalan Sunan Kudus, rumah kuno kembar milik keluarga Nitisemito (pelopor industri rokok keretek di Kudus), jembatan Sungai Gelis, hingga alun-alun Simpang Tujuh kota. Tradisi puluhan tahun yang membuat kota Kudus bagai tak pernah tidur setiap jelang Ramadhan.

Kata Dandangan sendiri berawal dari bunyi beduk besar di masjid Menara Kudus, ”dang-dang-dang”, menggema setiap pasar malam di kota soto dan jenang itu untuk sambut bulan puasa. Gampangnya, warga pun menyebutnya Dandangan. Konon, puncak malam Dandangan pada masa lampau juga menjadi malam yang ditunggu karena gadis-gadis cantik warga Kudus Kulon (Kudus Lama) pun keluar rumah untuk menikmati Dandangan.

Puncak Dandangan, yaitu pada malam hari jelang esoknya hari pertama puasa, adalah malam yang ramai dan macet. Sebab, selain jalanan penuh oleh para pedagang makanan, minuman, pakaian, dan mainan anak, pada malam itu juga terkenal dengan istilah boboran (barang dagangan yang dijual secara murah di malam penghabisan). Para pedagang yang mremo (berdagang secara musiman) dengan berbagai jenis produk, dari yang modern hingga tradisional, berbaur memberi warna Dandangan. Para pedagang yang membuka lapak berdatangan dari berbagai kota di daerah, seperti Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat, dan bahkan dari Jakarta.

Dandangan Kudus pada masa kini telah berganti wajah. Baju dan mainan modern mendominasi wajah Dandangan. Mainan anak tradisional, seperti gerabah tanah liat, gasing bambu, suling, wayang kertas, pistol kayu, dan kapal-kapalan seng, bersaing dengan mainan serba elektronik khas Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Aneka makanan modern, seperti burger gerobak, fried chicken kampung, dan kentang goreng, ikut pula beradu dengan makanan khas Dandangan seperti lontong opor dan nasi kuning. Martabak, bolang-baling, dan yang tak diduga adalah makanan kerak telor Betawi ikut memberi warna Dandangan kian semarak kali ini.

Pihak pengelola, dalam hal ini Pemerintah Kabupaten Kudus, seharusnya punya andil agar Dandangan tetap menjadi ciri kota Kudus dengan menyeleksi para pedagang agar tak menjadi pasar kaget pindah tempat, terutama dengan mengedepankan produk tradisional khas daerah setempat. Idealnya, Dandangan dari waktu ke waktu tetap punya makna.

Daniel Supriyono Wartawan Foto, Tinggal di Jakarta

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Gerabah Lempung Dkk

Dandangan kota Kudus : Serba Gerabah Lempung

Dandangan kota Kudus : Gasing dkk

Dandangan kota Kudus : Barongan

Dandangan kota Kudus : Kapal-kapalan

Dandangan kota Kudus : Wayang Karton 1

Dandangan kota Kudus : Wayang Karton 2